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PIC OF THE MONTH | Skater: RocknRon - Frontside Air - Malibu,CA

Photo By: Colin aka Skaterat




Rockets Skateboard Bearings , Ceramic Rockets Skateboard Bearings and Rocket Propellant Skate Lube are all now in stock !




Finally ! A bearing is FASTER,  will Outperform, Outlast ALL THE OTHERS!! Guaranteed!!

DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE ALL THAT ABEC HYPE! Based on my 25 years experience as a bearing engineer and vert skater, lets keep the facts straight, OK??? No marketing B.S. ..No Abec Hype or fancy names or packaging. Until Rockets came around, Swiss Manufactured bearings were known as the best skate bearings on the market ! "Fast, smooth, and very long lasting, they remained unequaled in their class." NOT ANYMORE ! Our  Rockets by RocknRon were specifically designed to be the best skate bearing EVER, and it is. Our Rings are have the smoothest raceway ever produced in a skate bearing with a 3 microinch surface finish, Custom Cages and balls are installed, then washed & lubricated in my Government Certified Clean Room Bearing Lubrication Facility with a special lube I had designed for todays skating and speed requirements. The Rockets are superior in speed and will last many times longer than anything else.


The absolute Fastest, Quickest, Smoothest Skateboard Bearings ever manufactured... MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!!!

As featured in Concrete Wave Magazine Vol.2 #5 - "The Truth About Bearings"

As a skateboarder and a bearing application engineer for 27 years- serving companies like Boeing Aerospac and NASA, Ron Foster decided to design the ultimate skateboard bearing for high speed vert, pool and skatepark riding.





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RocknRon's Skateboard Products can be found here from

RocknRon direct or from a few of our specially selected Authorized RocknRons Rockets Dealers.

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RocknRon also plays the role of "Kurt Cobain" in the Nirvana Tribute Band, N

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With over 25 Years Experience as a Bearing Application Engineer in the Aerospace Bearing Industry, RocknRon Foster, a vert skater himself saw the need for a better designed, faster skateboard bearing. Hence In 2002 RocknRons Rockets Skateboard Bearings were born, introducing the Worlds first Labyrinth Sealed Skateboard Bearing ever that is smoother and faster with more flow than any bearing ever manufactured before setting a new benchmark for speed and performance for skateboard bearings, enhancing skaters ability at skateparks all over the world.
















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